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Truss Acqua Gel

Truss Acqua Gel

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Medium/Strong hold and wet shine. Versatile, can be used to style dry or damp hair.

Flexible gel, does not contain alcohol, defines and protects providing perfect styling.
For daily use, FREE of cosmetic residue (PVC and PVA) that causes hair loss. 



Holding Layer: resin responsible for forming flexible film and conditions, providing body and smoothness.
Bio Affinity Complex: this ingredient has building bio-affinity with the hair, reconstructing its internal structure. Provides Phitonutrients that repair damaged cuticles, restoring a hair compromised by chemical processes or external aggressions (such as UV rays, wind, excessive use of blow dryer and hot tools).
Wheat Protein: contains Vegetable Peptides derived from wheat. Protects and assists in restoring hair's natural flexibility.

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