Foxy Blondes - Sting Pre-Cut Foils

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Oh' Honey is sweet, but it's our newest foil that has some serious STING! 

We have spent many months in production to bring you the next amazing foil to complement our super hot 'Oh' Honey collection....AND these bbys are the bees knees!

Think purple bees on a creamy teal pastel backdrop (that works really well with the pastel pink of the Oh Honey foil)...Sting will leave your clients buzzing over socials...Prepare for a foil that is as sweet as honey yet leaves a sting....

Designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, these pre-cut foils make salon life a breeze.

Not only are these bad boys embossed for extra hold, but they're also 100% recyclable. What more could ya possibly want? 

6" X 11" - 500 sheets

6" x 16" - 250 sheets

8" x 14" - 250 sheets