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Foxy Blondes - Plain Jane Pre-Cut Foils

Foxy Blondes - Plain Jane Pre-Cut Foils

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We get that for some hairdressers, prints just aren't your thing. Which is why we've produced 'Plain Jane', a sleek, understated plain silver hairdressing foil to suit hairdressers who live by the 'less in more rule'. Plain Jane has been printed in line with the Foxy Blondes signature matte finishing, flexible texture and embossing we swear by to ensure super grip, anti-slip foiling and premium results, Our formula is unlike any other on the market and we are committed to making your life easier and faster in the salon. 

We have spent many months in production to bring you our stylish silver ' Plain Jane' and they will complement any salon who embraces all things chic and classic with a boujee flair. 

Designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, these pre-cut foils make salon life a breeze.

Not only are these bad boys embossed for extra hold, but they're also 100% recyclable. What more could ya possibly want? 

 6 x 16 inch - 200 sheets

 8 x 14 inch - 200 sheets

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