Lisa Walker

  Lisa Hart-Walker, founder of W.O.W Comb and Balayage Boot Camp, has paved the  path of her career with her passion for education and helping others. Her main philosophy is  promoting growth through means of education. She regularly looks for the opportunity to help  her students and audience thrive in their careers. Lisa instills a sense of empowerment and  passion in her business which builds strong hair color fundamentals. Lisa has a specialty of  understanding stylist skill level and is always looking for ways to help them achieve their goals.  Her favorite aspect of the Beauty Industry is the diversity of students, clientele and cultures she  encounters through her travels taking Balayage Boot Camp across the country.  

  With a constant eye on the future of the beauty industry, Lisa has a passion for  championing innovative marketing methods which include social media expertise. Her  determination has led her to a platform where she is able to connect with stylists all over the  world who look for a peek into her brilliant mind. Through instagram she has been able to  create the “LisaLovesBalayage” instagram page where she inspires many to dive into the  unknown and let education nurture their growth. Lisa now travels as the lead educator for the  Master Balayage Boot Camp classes. These seminars break down techniques and encourage  others to take charge and become the best version of themselves. 

  Lisa’s goal is to help develop every stylist into the greatest stylist that they all have the  potential to be. Eventually her dream is to open an advanced education academy to help elevate  stylists to the next level of their careers. As Balayage Bootcamp is the foundation that will  escalate turning her dreams into a reality one day. Her 20 years of hands on experience has  made her a 5 time nominee of the Behind The Chair One Shot competition as she has also been  nominated as Educator of the year in 2017. In 2019 Lisa co-found the online Facebook group  known as Hair Bangers Academy. In addition, she also has the #1 Podcast on