Why Should You Add Gold to Your Formula?



Why do you add gold 🏆to your formulas? 
How much do you use? 
If you add “V” & “G” together doesn’t that just make “N”?......

1️⃣. I like most of you used to be terrified of using gold in anything but a filler because obviously 🙄 everyone wants NO 🙅‍♀️ warmth in their hair but what they do want is bright ☀️ blonde. However because were literal and we heard 👂🏼no warmth we automatically grab the ashiest color in our arsenal and proceed to apply it to freshly lightened probably porous hair and usually we end up somewhere between no warmth but dull to slightly greenish, bluish, silvery and this is because freshly lightened hair accepts ash tones and rejects warm tones so by adding the proper amount of gold your actually balancing the formula which results in a bright blonde 💁🏼‍♀️with no warmth. I hope 🤞 I’m making sense. 🤷🏻‍♀️Your basically preventing the hair from absorbing too much ash. 
2️⃣. There is no specific amount that I use. I base the ratio off of the level achieved, porosity, and overall desired look 👀. It can range everywhere between 100% “G” all the way down to 10% of the formula. 
3️⃣. No this does not create a Neutral it creates beige or what I like to call refined gold. You have to image that gold at level 9/10 is more like champagne 🥂 or pastel yellow not dandelion yellow. Remember the higher the level lighter the tone. 
Here’s a breakdown
Y + R + B + Y = (my nerdy 🤓 friends will get this) ⭐️FYI⭐️.....
I typically only use this method on clean levels 9 & 10 on freshly lightened Hair. 
I do not recommend using this method if the hair is already warm or for retoning in 6-8 weeks when the hair has become brassy again 📣....
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